A New Name

One of the things Karen has suggested is to name the house Yellowstruther.  This is the old name for this patch of land so it seems appropriate.  Many of the old OS maps are available on-line and after a quick search I found this from a 6in OS 1st edition map surveyed in 1852:

Map of Bellsquarry showing Yellowstruther

If you want to look at the source http://maps.nls.uk/os/6inch/view/?sid=74426710&zoom=6&lat=8508&lon=7768&layers=B

From my last build, I know it is the roads department at your local council (for some reason) that deal with the allocation of new addresses.  So having spoken to the Council today, the address looks like it will be ‘Yellowstruther’ 38 Newpark Road.  Getting an address allocated is possible as there is already planning permission for the plot and having an address makes getting utilities sorted out so much easier, so the earlier it is done the better!

Another thing made easier from experience.

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