Two Steps Forward – One back

Well the plans for the house were completed Friday before last and submitted to WLC planning department.  I do feel a little bit rushed over this somehow and still concerned that it may be too big but we need to press on so they are in. Unfortunately the architect used the wrong form so they are not actually lodged with the council yet so that is 10 days lost. (one forward one back).

The other good bit of news is that BT are going to move the pole at their expense! The situation is thus; I spoke to BT Openreach wayleaves department (the most difficult department in the world to find) and then wrote to them with my Site plan (deeds) the Land Certificate and a sketch of where the pole was, and asked them if they had a wayleave for the pole being where it was. I expected to wait weeks, but the answer came back, no they didn’t.  As they were only going to offer £10 per year for the wayleave I am going to get it moved!  I had already paid to get a survey officer out to look at it as I thought I would still have to pay to get the line to one of the houses relocated. We had agreed the pole should go into the pavement on my boundary and this would mean that there would still be a wire stay on the plot, and I would put in ducts for the wire.  However, on further investigation, as they need to access my land to service the wire, they have to move that as well! Result.

BTW if you do need BT Openreach Wayleave department ring 0800 581525.

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