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KeePass2 on Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid)

I have been trying all weekend to get KeePass to run in Lucid. It seems the problem is that 2.18 is not compatible with Mono. I eventually tried this method which failed with 2.18, but worked with 2.17.  I have Mono … Continue reading

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Map Network Drive in Ubuntu (again)

I previously posted on a frustration of mine that there was no quick way to mount a network drive like you can in Windows. The original solution was a bit messy. However, I have found this method using an application … Continue reading

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Printing from a mobile phone

One of the biggest issues I have had with my HTC Desire is how to print from it. The solution I found is by using Dropbox. There are several scripts around but frankly they didn’t work. So here is my … Continue reading

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HOWMANY for Grub 2

One of the things lost in moving to Grub2 is the lack of the #HOWMANY option to limit the number of Kernels presented in the Grub Menu.  This was a great option especially if you dual boot otherwise every time … Continue reading

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Mount a network folder automatically in Ubuntu

One of the frustrations with Ubuntu, has been that there is no easy way to replicate the Windows function ‘map network drive’. The best I have found is this thread. I still find it very slow to find the network … Continue reading

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