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KeePass2 on Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid)

I have been trying all weekend to get KeePass to run in Lucid. It seems the problem is that 2.18 is not compatible with Mono. I eventually tried this method which failed with 2.18, but worked with 2.17.  I have Mono … Continue reading

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Map Network Drive in Ubuntu (again)

I previously posted on a frustration of mine that there was no quick way to mount a network drive like you can in Windows. The original solution was a bit messy. However, I have found this method using an application … Continue reading

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Sumo Paint

Just a quick note. Check out it is brilliant.

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Getting the WordPress Android App to Work

I never really explained the Test Post the other week. Well ages ago I downloaded the WordPress Android App but could not get this self-hosted blog to register properly. Even with the help of the developers we could not work … Continue reading

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Get Root Access to a Plusnet Thompson Router

This is blatantly plagiarised from several sources but if I have it here I can find it again! Using a Telnet program such as PuTTY or similar, telnet into the router. The default address would be and the default … Continue reading

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