The Journey Really Begins

Well the game is well and truly afoot.  The bargain is complete; we are now proud owners of a plot of land and the task starts here.  The land itself was originally Karen’s grannies garden that was sold, but that we have now bought back.  It might seem an odd way of doing it, but it has all been cleared and that would have been hard for us to do.  It is in Bellsquarry and sits between 2 lots of cottages.

This StreetView view was taken when the cottage was being renovated and shows the extent of the plot we will build on.  If you zoom out, you will see what it was like before it was cleared.  There is an extra bit behind to the right, which will be David’s 5-a-side pitch!  The electricity pole has already gone so that is a good thing.

The aim is to build smaller than last time but get it complete before we move in.  Also much of the landscaping will be done so we don’t take 10 years to get it complete!  That is the plan anyway.

First stage is to get plans done and planning consent granted.  There is consent on the land already so the idea of a house on the site has been agreed but it needs to be our design.  Our first Architect has now retired so we have had to seek out someone else.  I think we have found someone we can work with and so we need to progress that.  I have identified who owns all the surrounding land as well so that is another job done.  The biggest issues right now are the BT pole that I need to do something with and the well.  Yes the well as in water.

I also need to start gathering some equipment.  The biggest difference this time is that I have enough capital to do a great deal of work and I can also buy equipment (to sell at the end) rather than having to hire it.  that should make a major difference.  The first few items are a container, a trailer and (possibly) a mini digger.  My key concern is the security of these items.

So what am I going to build? Firstly it will be very energy efficient.  There are 2 main elements of this, insulation and air tight.  I need to convince the joiner and designer of the importance of this but I am convinced and the customer is always right!  I have some novel ideas of how to achieve this which I am sure will be met with rolling eyes!  The build structure will also be different but I will leave that until it is all agreed.  I am hoping to cut out the brickies altogether using a piled foundation and insulated render exterior.  This is good for the environment and saves a huge amount of mess, no ‘muck-away’ of strip foundations etc.  Just got to confirm it really is cost effective.

Oh so much to do.  Really ought to get on!

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  1. Robin says:

    Hi Brian
    You left some interesting comments to my post (Pugliese) on the Green Building Forum about the timber frame and insulation you are using – warmcell + 200mm of EPS. Be interested to know if you are bringing in a company to supply and erect and if so who you have chosen.
    Good luck with it all.


  2. Brian says:

    Hi Robin,

    Emailed directly.


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