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Weather – my Enemy

Just came across this on the BBC Weather Site  Explains my problems in a nutshell except I don’t really remember the dry start to September! Oh and this

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Slow Progress

It has not been a good year to be doing anything outside – least of all building.  I’m sure we had not had a dry 24Hrs for months until last week when we managed about 3 days dry. We have … Continue reading

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Progress Report

This is a belated entry with some photos of what has been going on. You can see the completed Oak Frame here. The SIP (structurally Insulated Panels) are going on. The rear part is complete and the steel rafter panels … Continue reading

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Devil is in the Detail

One of the things that has slowed us down is the detailing that has had to be done.  This has mostly been things that Brian Edwards has not done before so it has all had to be worked out.  That … Continue reading

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The Oak Arrives

Monday 10th Sept.  Well the Oak Frame arived and has started to go up.  Supplied by Border Oak it looks fab.  They had a wee bit of trouble with the soft ground and a fright that the ridge height was … Continue reading

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