Insulating the Walls

Having completed the roof, just the walls to do! We had a major design issue with the walls and getting a solution acceptable to Building Control to meet the Scottish regulation relating to fire propagation in a cavity.  The BCO decided the cavity was everything including insulation through to the steel frame so we came up with a solution using Promat SupaLux. As ever this added to the cost but it cannot be helped as that is what they want.  What I fail to understand is why there is not a standard detail for this. A Light Steel Frame is not that new a  system.  It is in the NHBC Handbook!

So to the detail;

There has to be a vertical and a horizontal break.  The vertical is fixed to the inside of a stud; the horizontal is fixed to a piece of right angle bar originally supplied for the roof.

In the last picture you can also see the insulation fixed to the ends of the steel rafter panels. This fitted in quite nicely but as the overhang is not huge, the depth of this is limited to 90mm. Will be interesting to see if it is a hotspot if I ever get an TI camera on the place.

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