The Oak Arrives

Monday 10th Sept.  Well the Oak Frame arived and has started to go up.  Supplied by Border Oak it looks fab.  They had a wee bit of trouble with the soft ground and a fright that the ridge height was not right, but all seems OK now.  Hopefully the time-lapse camera is working so should get some good video of it going up!

Almost Stuck

First Oak A Frame

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  1. Hello, I’ve just come across your blog which is very interesting. I wondered if you might be able to spare some time to talk to us about your experiences of self build? I, along with colleagues at the Centre for Housing Policy, University of York, are undertaking some research on behalf of Lloyds Banking Group about teh potential for self build. We’d like to talk to self builders about their experiences, what’s worked, what are the obstacles etc. This will inform current debates about self build. I can send more information by email, but if you’re willing to tell us about your project we’d be very grateful.
    Very best wishes,

    Alison Wallace (Research Fellow)

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