The U-Roof Frame is Up

Well 3 weeks on and the steel frame is up.  It has been a little tortuous and not as quick as I had hoped.  Some of that is down to inexperience and some is down to manufacturing and design errors.  Firstly let me say I think the frame is fantastic in terms of what it gives me. The engineering is excellent but some of the little things that Timber Frame manufacturers have got sussed are missing.

Support from Chris at U-Roof has been excellent and they have been up to modify some of the panels. The loss of half a day at the beginning was critical I think, as they did not quite get on as far as they could have.

Still we are there now.  The whole frame looks great, I’m very happy with the space in the eaves and in the hip ends will prove very useful and make it much easier to maintain things.  The key problem I have yet to fully bottom out is fixing the windows – but I’m working on it!

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