Map Network Drive in Ubuntu (again)

I previously posted on a frustration of mine that there was no quick way to mount a network drive like you can in Windows. The original solution was a bit messy. However, I have found this method using an application called gigolo.

First go to the software centre and search for gigolo. Once found install it.

When you first bring gigolo up make a change in the preferences:
Edit > Preferences > Interface>
Select “Show Side Panel”
Select “Start minimized in the Notification Area”
Disable “Show auto-connect error messages”

Then browse to the share using the Network Tab on gigolo
Then bookmark the share by right clicking the share icon and select “Create Bookmark”
When you bookmark it select the “Auto-connect” option

Then have gigolo start at login:
System > Preferences > StartUp Applications > Add > Command = gigolo

When you login it will automatically mount remote shares and you will see an icon on your desktop.

This auto-connect function has one other feature. If the remote share isn’t available or if the connection is lost gigolo will scan the network every 60 seconds ( user adjustable ) and mount it when it finds it.

Happy Ubuntuing!

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4 Responses to Map Network Drive in Ubuntu (again)

  1. Mark says:

    Thank you for your post! Trying to connect to my Fedora and Win7 shares from Ubuntu was driving me mad – your advice worked perfectly!


  2. tyler thomson says:

    really good idea, I was astonished that ubuntu community didn’t make this easier by now

  3. jason says:

    yeah, thanks…now I get to see 600 “password required for XXXXX” dialogs as gigolo just starts trying to mount my entire company’s network

  4. Brian says:

    Law of un-expedcted coneequences 🙂

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