Printing from a mobile phone

One of the biggest issues I have had with my HTC Desire is how to print from it. The solution I found is by using Dropbox. There are several scripts around but frankly they didn’t work. So here is my solution for Ubuntu:

export PrintQueue="/home/xxxxxxxx/Dropbox/printqueue/";
# Spaces in file names will cause havoc
for PrintFile in $(ls -1 ${PrintQueue}); do
# Print each file and delete it if the print is successful.
lpr -r ${PrintQueue}${PrintFile}

Download and install “Scheduled Tasks” AKA Gnome Schedule, and create a job that runs every minute and hey presto.

What I have not done is check to see what happens if the print fails. Does it add one to the queue every minute? That is for another time. For now works for me!

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