Wembley Trip

Well it didn’t quite go to plan. Tickets to see Chelsea play Moan U at Wembley in the Community Shield were just too good an opportunity to miss. Train down on Saturday and stay at my sisters, David an I like a pair of kids on a school trip. The stadium is quite fantastic though why it cost so much is beyond me and £3 for a soft drink outrageous. Security poor, simply said I was carrying insulin and didn’t even get searched – could have been anything in my pockets. Seats were great and a £35 for both of us a bargain.  The game was good but Chelsea do not have that cutting edge and often played too narrow. As for Ashly Cole – 2 goals were because he was out of position – he can go anytime he likes as far as I am concerned! We were better once Drogba was on but we cannot rely on him.  Taking Anelka off instead of Kalou made no sense, still it was just a pre season friendly.

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