New Hosting provider and WordPress Maintenance

An invoice to renew my Web Hosting and the need to update WordPress resulted in a bit of work.

I had been with Hostingbegins for a number of years as my hosting provider, but they have recently been bought out by Othello, the price rocketed and what I was getting went down. The final straw was discovering that the advertised prices were plus VAT. After a quick scan I settled on Webhosting Uk. I get more space, more bandwidth, MySQL (I only had it with Othello as I had it before they took it over), unlimited email etc. Basically more for no increase. The online support chat was excellent and it is a UK based company.

Migrating was easy, I gave them my old cPanel login and password (having taken a full backup of course) and they transferred the lot. As I manage my own DNS record I simply updated the A record and a few hours later the DNS records seem to be updated. I changed the WordPress theme after the transfer occurred, but before I changed the DNS so I knew when the new site was in use (cunning eh?).

At the same time I needed to upgrade my WordPress installation. I have used Fantastico before, but was never entirely happy and it didn’t like installations it hadn’t done. Softaculous on the other hand is simply a pleasure to use. Upgrading takes seconds and it seems to update its repository very quickly with newer versions.

Another thing I wanted to do was introduce a mobile theme / plugin. I settled on WordPress Mobile Pack. The themes seem quite good but there is currently a bug in the admin pages. I’m sure it will get fixed though.

I also plumped for the Twenty10 theme. I’m not a big fan of fiddling with themes but this one looks nice and clean. It did use a serif font for the main text and it took ages to find the right CSS entry to get rid of that!

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