Firefox lost and missing bookmarks toolbar

I use the FEBE extension to ‘clone’ my Firefox setup whenever I get a new system. Having installed Ubuntu Lucid I needed my firefox setup on it. Having backed up off one, I restored to the new. This was easier than usual as the extension now has the ability to create a new profile to restore to.

However I encountered a problem I had seen previously in that the bookmarks toolbar disappeared. The bookmarks are there but no toolbar. Googled to no avail but did find something that gave me an idea. I simply right clicked on the toolbar, select customise, then ‘restore default set’. Bingo – toolbar appears!

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  1. Hunti says:

    Got a strange issue with Firefox lodaed a few add-ins and started to customize my toolbar. Moving thnigs around, like dragging the File Edit View menu to one side, having the URL space to the far left, and swapping out extraneous navigation bar icons (refresh).My major issue now is that it seems like clicking Restore Default Set (right click the menu bar, choose Customize ) forces in duplicate sets of the standard icons (Back, Forward, Refresh, the URL window, and the Google/Search window)! I seem to have about three sets across the top row now and I can no longer remove icons from the Navigation toolbar. Dragging them into the Customize window doesn’t remove them, and I can’t drag them into new locations on any toolbar. I’ve tried re-installing Firefox (on top of itself, not by uninstalling first) and also clearing cache etc. to see if it helped but these failed to fix it. My next move is a full uninstall and re-install, but first I need to track my Add-on installs and themes. Hopefully this annoyance is fixed

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