More Ubuntu Lucid IPv6 problems – solved

I have solved another IPv6 problems on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04. When trying to install a package (apt, aptitude or synaptic) wget has these symptoms;

--2010-05-21 20:05:55--
Connecting to||:80... failed: Connection timed out.
Giving up.

This example was when I was trying to download the fonts but I have seen it on several different attempted installs. It has been reported as a wget issue or a DNS Cache issue, but I am pretty certain it is an IPv6 issue, probably with the way the AAAA address is interpreted.

Anyway the solution is simple. Open up /etc/wgetrc as sudo and add this line at the end

inet4-only = on

That should solve it. It does the same as my earlier post but is a permanent solution.

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