T-Mobile impresses as I move on

I am coming to the end of an 18 Month contract with T-Mobile and the whole Family is moving onto the 3 network. The free 3 to 3 calls are too good and the savings from those will almost make up the additional cost. I like my son to always be able to call me so it suits. However, I am going to be using my old E51. I looked at the E75 but just didn’t like it. The only thing wrong with the E51 is no GPS. I thought getting the phone unlocked would be a nause so I got a rebel SIM instead.

Although the RebelSim works, it is a bit unreliable as the phone roams between 2 and 3G networks and it is a real pain getting it into the E51. I phoned T-Mobile a few weeks back to give notice on the contract and ask about unlocking the phone. The girl I got then said to go into the shop. Of course this was bad advice as they do not do it, so I tried again today. Spoke to ‘Gillian’ who was extremely helpful; yes we can supply you with a ‘Subsidy Unlock PIN’, we get it from Nokia and it may take 28 days and cost £15. 2 Hours later I have the code.

Next issue is a PAC code to move my number but I cannot get that until the contract has expired but I will only pay a part month so that is fine. T-Mobile will also give it over the phone which Orange would not do for the other phones, so I can minimise the switch over time. I should mention that I have bought 2 new phones on £20 tariffs, and one ‘No Ties’ £10 SIM which is going in one of the £20 phones while I have a £20 SIM. Confused?

I have had a good deal with T-Mobile on their FlexT tariff with unlimited internet for £27, but I am now getting that and more (push email) from 3 for £20. So TaTa T-Mobile, it has been good, but time to move on.

PS. Having now done this I have of course found Un-Lock City. As I now know the code comes from the Manufacturer, I think this is the best way to go for an unlock code.

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