Digital radio adverts annoy

I know it takes a lot to annoy me but the latest radio adverts for digital radio take the biscuit. The implication is that you will never again suffer from missing part of your programme ever again and you will benefit from much better radio quality. Any one who has the smallest technical bent knows this to be lies and all those who have a digital radio know it too.

The reality is that a digital radio still needs a good signal to work and if the signal is poor you don’t get poor reception you get no reception. Also the quality is by definition going to be worse. Granted most people will not be able to tell the difference but that is not the point. Even at the highest bit rates (which most stations will not use) the sound quality (definition) is inferior to FM. At worst, stations like 5 Live are no better than their MW offering.

Agreed you can get more stations but please don’t try and sell it as a better quality offering when all the government wants to do is sell off the old frequencies.

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