The Frame Arrives

So the day arrived – but the frame didn’t – well not when it was supposed to anyway.

The frame was supplied by u-roof based in Yorkshire.  There had been a huge amount of discussion as to how to deliver it.  The issue was that the total frame was 7 ‘stillages’ or carrying frames which a) did not fit on an artic, and b) would need a degree of crane or HIAB to unload them.  I had hedged against such a situation so the full additional cost would not come to me as it was well over the agreed haulage price. However, the result was that there would be a single load of the heavy panels and joists (3 stillages) and 2 deliveries of 2 stillages each of the lighter panels.

The plan was that the heavy delivery would be up first thing on Tuesday with a light load later in the day.  I had agreed with U-Roof for some site assistance as this was a new system for Brian Edwards, with Mark arriving Tuesday lunchtime giving a max of 3 1/2 days assistance.  To cut a long story short, the haulage company had collected the frame and then cross-loaded it. However, instead of loading it the same way, they simply lifted off  and loaded.  The end result was that the heavy gear was now on the top (you can see where this is going) and also failed to strap it properly.  Well the guy got about 30 miles before one of the stillages broke under the strain!  End result the light stuff arriveb, but the main delivery did not until Wednesday morning.  That lost time has been critical.


The Frame Arrives Eventually

However, once it has arrived, the intial frame simply shot up!

End of Day 1

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